Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Cuffs has hit the virtual book shelves for pre order! Scheduled date of release is 27 August, 2015. It's the first novel of a two book series called 'The Undercover Series'.

Don't miss out.

Witnessing a murder was not on Lacey Maples’s agenda for the evening. Neither was being spotted, caught and cuffed to a cement mixer. So when the perpetrator tries to convince her he’s protecting her, she’s far from convinced. Especially when she sees the twinkle in his eye.

For Alex Petrov, Lacey is a major glitch in an otherwise perfect plan. While his motives are pure, he can’t allow Lacey to interfere before the drug deal goes down in two days’ time, least of all by getting herself killed.

If Alex could reveal his plans to her, he would, but it would only make her position more dangerous. And he’s rapidly discovering he would do almost anything to protect her.

The operation is at stake. That’s all that matters. Lives hang by a thread. And sometimes, when lives hang in the balance, people do the craziest things.

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Love it? 

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Friday, April 10, 2015

Contemporary Romance - Doctors Beyond Borders

Have you read DOCTORS BEYOND BORDERS? If not what are you waiting for?

 Only kidding! Well, kinda. Of course I want you to read my book. I write so you can read. With two new books scheduled for release later in the year, Cuffs and Bass I'm super excited but DBB is my first published work (released January 1, 2014) and the second book I ever wrote. I'm mighty proud of it.

The story is set in Sudan where trouble continuously brews and bubbles between greedy warlords, the Government and the people. Ariadne Tate opts to take a secondment to the war torn region with Medecines Sans Frontieres to get away from her humdrum life in Sydney.

Life is far from boring in her posting especially when she meets fellow Doctor, Ford Gosden and is faced with the brutal warlord, Yakubu. Things spiral out of control when Ariadne's hope for a new life with the man she loves begins to fade and the fight for her life begins.

Take a look at the reviews on my Goodreads page and on Amazon. I can't complain, they're pretty good. As a writer, you feel such a sense of accomplishment when readers enjoy your books and take the time to discuss their likes and dislikes through this forum. 

I hope you take the time to have a look and perhaps even purchase and review my book. Thanks for your time.


P.S Here are the links to purchase and to Goodreads. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Home for the Holidays

Hi All,
It has been a full on busy first few months of the year. Everyone I speak to says the same thing. At times I feel like I'm a robot going through the motions: up before the sun; get kids to swimming training, choir, tennis lessons, athletics training; either go to work; or home and write romance books, clean, cook for my hungry mob ...the list goes on.

It's good to be busy though. Don't you think? It gives you a sense of purpose and achievement. However, there is also a time when you have to chill out, get some perspective, regroup and breath.

Thank God for the holidays.

Thank God for wonderful family who have a farm in Northern NSW. A bit of mud, fresh eggs and  4WD adventure is a perfect way to wind down and relax.

What have you been up to the past few months that has had you running around like a chook without a head? Comment below.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015



Tigerair - Yes We Suck

I don't often complain publicly like this. I usually just have a whinge to a couple of friends and that's the end of it. But what's happened to good old fashion service? Why do people think because they've been given a uniform they have the right to be a bitch? We are the customers. We have paid the money. Doesn't that count for anything anymore?

In a nutshell I will tell you about the gripe I have with Tigerair:

As most of you know, it's a budget airline in Australia. My family and I have never travelled on this airline before but thought that we would over the long weekend to get to my cousin's farm in Northern NSW. Budget may be it's motto but our fares were not that cheap considering we were too late ( mid February) for any red hot, super deals. Additionally, my husband, who's a big fella, wanted to travel in the exit row for the additional leg room.

We make the booking online for the whole family. My 15 and 13 year olds are classified adults. Only my daughter who is 10 qualifies as a child. We are all on the same booking reference. We then proceed to allocate our preferred seats. My husband and I in the exit row and the kids a row behind us. All cool. We pay up including a fee for choosing and being allocated the exit row seats.

On the day of travel we arrive at the airport earlier than required to ensure those seats are not given away. It all runs smoothly. There's no problem at check in. We are presented with out boarding passes with the seats we had selected when we booked the flight online. We are pretty good travellers too. No luggage to check in as we all carry our own backpacks for the weekend away. We enjoy a spot of lunch then head towards the gate to board the flight.

At the gate those with exit row seats are invited to board first. So all five of us go forward and I present the boarding passes. It is then that there is whispering and carrying on by the Tigerair staff and we are asked to step aside. We are then informed that we cannot board the flight and sit in our allocated seats because my husband and I are travelling with two dependents (my oldest son at 15 is not considered a dependent and can sit in an exit row seat). My husband says he can travel with my son and I can be seated elsewhere with our dependent children. That would work. But no. They have a strict policy that does not allow adults travelling with dependents to be eligible to sit in the exit row.  We have done this before on other airlines, albeit on international travel itineraries, with no problem.
If their policy was so strict then why were we able to not only book and confirm those seats online but also be checked in and allocated those seats?

As we argued our case and insisted on seeing the policy in writing which they never produced I noticed a Federal Police Officer hanging around watching! I am mortified that he was there for us as Tigerair were the thieves that took our money and didn't provide what they promised. Last time I looked, when you pay money for something you enter into a contract where you get what you have paid for. The Tigerair employee (I'll call her B) was tapping away on the computer obviously making notes about how difficult we were. If she had smiled the woman's face would have cracked.

In the end we had to board the flight and were seated in the row in front of the exit row with our daughter but get this, they seated our son's two rows ahead of us. So much for keeping to policy. We were informed that the reason adults with kids can't fly in the exit row is because they keep families together. Yeah, when it suits them!

So, regardless of the fact that we had paid more and were disgruntled passengers on the first flight do you think they tried to make it up for us on the return? Nope. I am sure due to "B's" notes on our booking she made sure we got the worst seats on the flight back. Row 30. The last possible row where you can't recline. Good one Tigerair.

Their policy does stipulate that adults travelling with dependents are not permitted to be seated in the exit row as we discovered post fiasco. However, why were we able to book, confirm, pay and check in with those seats? Do they think that people will jsut forget about it and not claim their refunds making an extra couple of hundred on the side?

I have lodged a complaint and await their reply. I have demanded a refund too. Let's see what happens.

Let me know if you've had any similar problems with anyone. Sometimes it's just good to vent!

Monday, February 9, 2015

CUFFS - An Urban Romance

I'm excited! 

CUFFS my second romantic novel and first urban romance is set to be released mid 2015 by Momentum Pan MacMillan Australia.

Here's an unedited excerpt. Enjoy!

As he stepped onto the sidewalk he zipped his leather bomber to the top and jammed his hands into the pockets. His thoughts focused on the blonde beauty cuffed to the cement mixer, shivering her heart-shaped arse off. He had never anticipated this chain of events occurring, especially when he was so close to making one of the biggest busts of the decade. There was no way the Balkan Power Ring and their secret suppliers of A-grade heroin were going to continue their dirty business if he could help it. But an innocent had just wedged herself into the crack that was his underground life and he was in a jam.

He straddled his bike. A crazy idea began to materialize in his mind. He slipped his helmet over his head. He had no doubt some omniscient being somewhere was laughing his arse off at him. But regardless of the unexpected entrance of Angel into the play, he had a job to finish and it looked like she was going to be with him until the final curtain.


Check out and 'like' my author page G Spot for information about me and my books.


Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Message

My blog has been quiet of late but with a two book deal signed, sealed and delivered with Momentum, Pan Macmillan for Cuffs and Base I will blogging more in 2015.

I hope you've enjoyed reading my posts the past year and I am looking forward to interacting with you in 2015.

Best wishes for a Merry Christams and Happy New Year!

Georgie xxx