Monday, October 13, 2014

The Real Housewives of Sydney - Georgie

It was about time I got myself involved in some housewife fun. Please feel free to check out my series here on the blog. I'm proud to be a housewife beause I love putting my family first. There's nothing wrong with that is there? They're awesome. Sometimes, I'm made to feel there is something wrong with it though. Not fair.

You want to know what I've been up to today?

Woke up at 4:35am made my boys lunches then drove  them to swimming training for a 5:15 start. Came home, made a packed lunch for my daughter, got her up, made her breakfast then drove her to school. Went straight to the supermarket on the way home and did the weekly shop, came home packed it all away then proceeded to make toasted muesli for my husbands breakfast, muesli bars for my kids lunch boxes, a chocolate biscuit cake also for the kids and hummus for me. I love the stuff, am on a health kick and figure why buy it when it's so easy to make!  Now I'm writing this blog which will be published today before I blast some of my favourite tunes out of the speaker and dance like nobody's watching, cos nobody is. Then I'll prepare lessons for my school classes this week, finish off writing up an exam paper for my year 9 students and get some words down on my manuscript BASE, a story about a DJ, Dizzy J, who's world is turned upside down when Kurt starts working behind the bar at the club she rocks. Then it's time to pick up my daughter from basketball training and dinner! Phew! *she collapses into her chair and wipes her brow*

For those of you who wonder what housewive's do all day there's a snippet  of A day in the life of a Real Housewife.

Thanks for stopping by! :)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Real Housewives of Sydney - Annette (Repost)

The Housewive's are back in full force. We've been busy doing what housewives do. So if you want to know what Sydney-sider home managers are getting up to, read on.

Meet Annette. She is not only a glamazon but has brains too! Annette is not verbose, preferring to stick to the facts ( it's that scientific brain of hers) and when you're not expecting it bowls you over with a line that'll have you choking on your bubbly! 

Warning: Do not drink while reading this post.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Real Housewives of Sydney - Janine (Repost II)

One of my most popular Housewives of the series! Check it out. :)

Boy, oh, boy, are you in for a treat today bloggers. Check out Janine's contribution to the series. She is an anti - housewife. And don't we love her for it! This lady has a wit and honesty that is so refreshing its like a splash of lime in your daily gin and tonic.

At the outset, I have to confess to not being a true real housewife. Unlike some of my good friends who have already contributed, I find it all very difficult, and am pretty rotten at it. The prospect of staying home also fills me with fear that my youngest will want to open negotiations (again) re me homeschooling him, and I’ll have to tell him, yet again, that I would rather shoot myself in the foot.

This is the same boy who was visited by the knowledge fairy on the eve of his 14th birthday and who is now happily certain he knows everything about everything. The very boy who has told me he’s nocturnal (“What! Now you're a vampire?” I shot back), so no need to worry about his lack of sun exposure and his predilection for playing computer games right through the night. Of some concern is that he's hooked up with Anthony in Nevada, whose father's in jail and whose mother is a barmaid - nothing wrong with that in itself, but she keeps on taking off and depositing him with his grandparents. Anthony is home schooled - quite likely by himself, given his dubious parents - which is also the probable cause of my boy’s recently modified request to teach himself the entire high school syllabus, if the alternative is me inflicting self-harm. His true soul mate however, seems to be Pablo in Mexico - a 24 year old PhD student who has a Russian girlfriend, and who most likely is giving him many dubious tips about how to pick up naked Eastern European chicks with fat collagen lips.

He and his learned cabal of year 8 mates, only a month back, earnestly discussed and reached unanimous consensus during recess, and over many Mothers no doubt, that no woman in her right mind would intentionally fall pregnant at the ancient age of 39. “Therefore, I’m clearly an accident!” he stormed at me as he loped through the door after school. (Well yes, but more of a gift really, but I didn’t rise - it was difficult. ) So, you can tell already, it’s far safer, and more sensible for me to be in the office come 8.15 every day.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

And I thought writing the book was hardwork...

Like anything, the more you do it the easier it becomes. It's no different when it comes to writing a book. Now I'm not saying you can do it with your eyes closed after the first, but you learn things along the way from editors and other writers who read your work and pick up the mistakes in your style, form and sometimes content. Each subsequent book takes less time to write and though it may be riddled with editorial errors it's still a whole lot more polished than that very first manuscript you kissed  for luck before sending it off.

As a debut author with one itty bitty book out there in the Amazon jungle, trying to get exposure for it has been harder than writing it. At least when you're writing the story you have a plan, you know where it's going and though you may get stuck occasionally the plethora of ideas floating around your mind  helps you wriggle free. However, promoting it and getting exposure is a whole different ball game and I'm just learning how to play.

Since Doctors Beyond Borders was published and even before that epic day (for me!) it's been reviewed, spotlighted on blogs and bandied about social media. All of that has helped get it in front of readers. However, you have to be on the case to maintain the buzz. It's time consuming and sometimes I feel like it's all I'm talking about and that everyone's just bored with me! The more books you can publish the better it is for your brand but that's easier said than done. It is a very long process from beginning to end. At the moment, I have a book for sale, one being assessed by a publisher and another two in the pipeline. The sooner I get the next book out, Cuffs, the better, but I've chosen to wait and see if this publisher will take it up. I'm really hoping they will.

There is always the option to advertise, but I'm not sure if I want to go down that path just yet. To me books need to be spread to others by the people who love them, the people who read them. Besides, it's expensive and if I'm in the business of writing and selling books then I have to make a profit no matter how small. We'll see though, I may change my tune in time. You have to spend money to make money, right? Decisions, decisions. See what I mean? I just want to write. It's fun. It's sexy. It's what  I love to do. Promotion, on the other hand, can be a slog.

What do you think?

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Romance Royalties

Hi there friends,
My blog has been very quiet lately. I've been busy working, teaching, learning and over this last two months or so have had to change my priorities. This chapter will all come to an end in about seven weeks when my temporary teaching block will finish up and I'll have more time to blog and write books.

However, like all good things, I will miss the full time teaching role. It's my very first. It has been an amazing journey implementing theory into practice and I have learned so much along the way. Getting paid is something that hasn't happened to me for a long time too. Being a stay at home mum for many years, the funds from my husbands income were (and still are!) available to me. However, there is something about knowing you have earned some money and contributed financially to the family unit that makes you feel worthy. Not that I haven't contributed above and beyond in my role as mother, wife and CEO of our home, but it seems in our society if you're ain't earnin' you're ain't deservin'. My husband and  other men never made me feel this way. I hate to say it but it was working women (and only a couple but that's enough) that made me feel unworthy. Go figure.

Not only have I been earning some bucks teaching but I was paid my first royalty payments today for my debut romance, Doctors beyond Borders! No need to pop the champers, it wasn't a great deal of money, more than I expected, but I'm not off to London and Paris on a shopping spree not with my expensive taste! LOL.

All jokes aside, unlike receiving a wage/salary there is something deeply gratifying about receiving payment for something created or composed from your mind and having people out there buy it, read it and in some cases like it enought to review it. However, though it's my baby other people played a part in getting it out there like my my lovely editor Lauren McKellar and Managing Editor of Escape Publishing, Kate Cuthbert and I am eternally grateful to them.

So now I work on finessing my craft and writing more books for readers to read. Cuffs is currently being assessed by a publisher and I'm still working on Base.

Thanks for visiting my blog.


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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awesome Reviews

This week I was fortuante to receive two shit hot reviews for Doctors Beyond Borders. I'm not a bragger but I'm going to go against my nature. If you got 'em, flaunt 'em!  Right? LOL

So, if you've got an e-reader or know friends who have one please recommend my book because according to the reviewers you're all missing out!!!! But seriously, I'm not doing the hard sell. Really I'm not. I am just so freakin' happy and proud.

First up is Bex who is from Bex 'n' Books. She reviews tons of book. Here's her 4 star review.

Reviewer: Bex
Disclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review. 

Ariadne and Ford make for a fabulous couple to follow as they navigate their way through the heartbreak and danger in Sudan. Both characters are well developed with human flaws that make them believable and highly readable characters to follow.

I enjoyed the plot development and the interesting setting of Doctor's Beyond Borders. The author, Georgie Tyler, has crafted an intriguing read with a love mixture of romance, suspense and drama.

Next up is the lovely Helen. Here's what she has to say. Another 4 star review.

Doctors Beyond Borders by Georgie Tyler is the story of Ariadne Tate, a doctor who becomes involved with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Ariadne is on a quest for fulfillment as she travels from Sydney, Australia to Abyei, Sudan to work in a hospital, providing assistance to the Sudanese people ravaged by war, famine, and disease. She leaves behind a concerned father and a recent betrayal. Her father says she’s running from the hurt of her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity. She believes she is creating a new beginning. With her new beginning comes her new pledge to never again get involved with someone she works with.

Ariadne sponsors Sudanese kids through a charity. Her first is a boy named Ablaye; she has lost contact with him. Her latest is a boy named Luol; contact with him has been recently severed. Ariadne is in pursuit of leads as to Luol’s whereabouts. Will she find him?

Ariadne stays in a MSF residence with five others. Hamish is a surgeon from Scotland. Tammy is a nurse from Kansas. Graciella is a midwife from Argentina. Luis is an anesthesiologists from parts unknown. Ford is a surgeon from Virginia.

After a disastrous relationship back in Virginia, Ford Gosden vows to never again ‘shit where he eats’. No good can come of it. That doesn’t stop Graciella from throwing herself at him at every turn. Ford rebuffs Graciella and avoids the women he works with, until he meets Ariadne.
Ford (against his own mantra: "Don’t get involved") begins a pursuit of Ariadne. His attraction is immediate, as is hers. But it will take a bigger temptation than attraction to get Ariadne to abandon her pledge.

After a trip in the mobile medical unit to the Sudanese outback, Ariadne and Ford return to the MSF residence with a new bond. But, after one steamy nighttime kiss and another soul-stirring one in the rain, is it lust or love? Before they can discover which, Ariadne learns that Ford will be going home, soon. To shield herself from hurt, Ariadne takes a vacation that will keep her away until Ford’s departure. So, Ford follows Ariadne to Mykonos, before going home. Does he get the girl?

While Ariadne awaits Ford’s return to the Sudan, she plans another mobile medical unit excursion with only a driver, a satellite phone, a rifle, and supplies. Ariadne is kidnapped by a Sudanese rebel leader called Yakubu. Ford rushes back to the Sudan and mounts a rescue attempt when he feels the authorities are not acting quickly enough. Will he get there in time to save her?

Doctors Beyond Borders is a contemporary romance. I don’t usually read romance; a lot of it is one-dimensional and cliché. This novella is neither. It has romance and sex, lust and love. It is well-paced. It has distinct, international settings, and is populated with attractive, exciting characters.

I highly recommend Doctors Beyond Borders to anyone who wants to read a great romantic novella which incorporates action and suspense as well.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Love in Exotic Places

Love in Exotic Places (also photo bait)

Is there anything more romantic, more conducive to steamy, sensuous passion than danger and desire in a far-flung exotic location? Escape authors Wendy L Curtis, Gracie Macgregor, and Georgie Tyler don’t think so! From the jungles of Papua New Guinea to the island paradises of Gozo in Malta and Mykonos in Greece and the harsh and beautiful Sudan, they’ve woven stories into settings as thrilling and unforgettable as the first stirrings of love. Here they share the excitement and the challenges of finding – and writing – love in a foreign land.
What’s the allure of an exotic location?PNG
Wendy: I love exotic locations because every time I dream about relaxing and not having a worry, it’s on a secluded island, with cocktails delivered by a cabana boy ! I do think it is how a lot of people like to dream about how their life could be different, so it’s a definite escape within books.
Sudan hutsGeorgie: I guess I’ve always been captivated by exotic locations. Not necessarily places with a 7-star rating attached to them, but places that are out of the way, or have religious, scenic, or remote location qualities. I’ve travelled but not as extensively as I would have liked to and always love to know about new places. I suppose when my kids have grown up I’d love to travel the world and write reviews of places for holiday makers as well as write novels and get paid to do it! A bit grand , but oh well, it’s good to dream. 
Majestic cliffs line Gozo's coastline.
Gracie: I think when we travel to an exotic location, even in our imagination, we allow ourselves the chance to become different people. It takes courage to immerse yourself in a strange place, and you can’t help but grow from the experience. You’re already open to new possibilities – a different culture, all the amazing sensory experiences – so there’s always that tantalizing potential for something wonderful to happen to you.

Exotic settings are perfect for romantic suspense. How did you choose your setting to ramp up the tension?
Tour boats just like the ones in Hearts on Hold call Xlendi, Gozo, home.
Gracie: My setting chose me! I was holidaying on Gozo, basically just soaking up the sun and history and atmosphere in the little coastal village of Xlendi, and suddenly imagined how a peaceful, sleepy place could be the ideal setting not just for love and romance, but for sinister secrets and scandal. There was that underlying tension between past and future, between innocence and greed. Of course, the sinister secrets, scandal and greed are all fiction! The beauty, peace and romance are the real Gozo.
Wendy: I wanted people smuggling to be a part of my suspense angle without focusing on it completely. I also needed tropical storm activity, and it had to be close to Australia, as refugees coming in boatloads is a very hot topic here. But I also did not want to present it with a biased POV about the right and wrong of it but with a human compassion feel about the only ones in the wrong are the ones profiting from the hopes and pain of others. And anywhere I chose had to be known enough for most Australians to understand the beauty of it, but also volatile enough for there to be a real threat of danger there, and I definitely didn’t want to choose a real place that might be offended by being portrayed as something illegal going on there. So I made up a small island off the south coast of Papua New Guinea, and never had any national people actually involved in the smuggling except by skippering a boat to take people to the detention centre so he got to keep the boat for his fishing. So I needed another nice place to set part of the story in, which turned out to be Cairns.
Georgie: Sudan was an obvious place to set the story for me. I sponsored four boys there for many years through a charity and would correspond with them through their translator. When I came up with a story involving MSF doctors and a scary warlord, Sudan was the perfect location. The internet was my friend as I researched as much about the location as possible. I’ve never lived in Africa and have only visited it as a child and have no memory of it. However my father spent some years growing up in Iraq on a RAF base and had many stories of life in the desert. As for Mykonos, I have visited the island and Greece several times as my mother is Greek and I grew up in England and I think it’s pretty hard to beat a summer holiday in Greece!

What did you find most difficult or challenging about writing in these settings?Sudan women
Georgie: Sudan is not a country many people know much about. However, there is a wealth of information on the internet and I tapped into it! Describing landscapes and weather patterns, political turmoil is relatively easy as this information is accessible. The more difficult research is understanding the people and the way they think. I had to draw from my bank of knowledge, my relationships with people who have lived and worked in Africa (not necessarily Sudan), who have lived and worked in Muslim countries, doctors and nurses (I seem to know a lot of people who work in the medical profession! It helped since my main characters are doctors!).
Moorish influences appear in farms and villages all over Gozo.
Gracie: I was very conscious that I was writing about crimes and intrigue happening in a small place, filled with real people getting on with their real lives. I haven’t had that same concern with setting stories in busy metropolises, because there’s an anonymity in big cities that means you can write about the people in a shop or a bank and not be worried a reader will think you’re writing about them or someone they know. I wasn’t in Xlendi long enough to get to know anybody very well, so all the characters are entirely fictional, and I was keen to make the central antagonist an outsider.
800px-Papua_New_Guinea_(5986599443)Wendy: Hands down the most difficult aspect of using PNG as a setting was the fact that I didn’t want to ever disrespect the very proud people who call PNG home. For this reason I made a fictitious island off the South Coast and was very sure I always portrayed the people and the place in a good light. Also, I’ve never been there, so I tried to anchor my story there with what we might all believe it would be. Most of my story takes part in Cairns, also a very exotic location but a lot more accessible for me as a writer.

Why do you think an exotic setting works so well for the romance genre?
20833Wendy: Romance is a genre readers use to escape from real life for a while. I think an exotic location aids that healthy escapism. There are plenty of places we’d love to go but may not ever get a chance, or places we’ve been that these settings remind us of. 
19910GeorgieExotic rhymes with erotic! No, I’m only kidding! I think a good romance novel can be set anywhere. It’s the relationship between the hero and heroine and how it unfolds that is important. However, I like to read and write books that take me to another place. I want to smell the spices in the air or hear the crash of the wave as he lowers his head and steals his first kiss. I want the conflict in the story to extend beyond the protagonists’ relationship and for their environment to have a hand in their journey of discovery. I also love to learn about new places and since authors are also researchers, your general knowledge grows.
9690Gracie: I like Georgie’s point about exotic rhyming with erotic! Travel takes us out of our everyday routines, makes us less inhibited people, more spontaneous, more ready for excitement – more ready for love! Exotic locations are not just great places to discover new love; the fashion for second honeymoons suggests they’re also fantastic for rejuvenating tired love. I thoroughly recommend them!

And what exotic places are next on the horizon for you or your characters (ie what are you writing now?!)
Georgie: The locations of my next two books are inner city Sydney. However, many from rural Australia, other states and beyond may find it an exotic setting. Perhaps one day I’ll write a story set in Mongolia or Tibet/Central Asia. Now that’s exotic! Anyone got any ideas?!
Gracie: I’m going back to Gozo, but in a very different time setting. Gozo has long been thought to be the true identity of Ogygia, the island home of Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey. Calypso was a famed beauty, and a very tragic figure as well. I’m telling her love story.
WendyI definitely have a PNG follow-up story coming and that will have a good dose of Tasmania in it as well. Tassie is my home state and there are places here that can just take your breath away and it often gets overlooked as an exotic location.
Wendy L Curtis is the author of Above and BeyondGracie Macgregor’s book isHearts on Hold, and Georgie Tyler wrote Doctors Beyond Borders, all published by Escape Publishing.
For more interesting blogs and of course wonderful books check out the Escape Publishing, Harlequin site Here
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