Monday, February 9, 2015

CUFFS - An Urban Romance

I'm excited! 

CUFFS my second romantic novel and first urban romance is set to be released mid 2015 by Momentum Pan MacMillan Australia.

Here's an unedited excerpt. Enjoy!

As he stepped onto the sidewalk he zipped his leather bomber to the top and jammed his hands into the pockets. His thoughts focused on the blonde beauty cuffed to the cement mixer, shivering her heart-shaped arse off. He had never anticipated this chain of events occurring, especially when he was so close to making one of the biggest busts of the decade. There was no way the Balkan Power Ring and their secret suppliers of A-grade heroin were going to continue their dirty business if he could help it. But an innocent had just wedged herself into the crack that was his underground life and he was in a jam.

He straddled his bike. A crazy idea began to materialize in his mind. He slipped his helmet over his head. He had no doubt some omniscient being somewhere was laughing his arse off at him. But regardless of the unexpected entrance of Angel into the play, he had a job to finish and it looked like she was going to be with him until the final curtain.


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