Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hi there writers. Welcome to G.Spot's creative writing workshop # 2.

Before we can get into the nitty gritty of writing there is something a writer needs before they begin to follow the Yellow Brick Road to their dream come true.


Perseverance is the persistance in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

An award winning author, John Larkin once told me that writing is around 90% perseverance and 10% talent. No, you say. That's not correct. Writers are brimming with flair and genius.

Yes,  writers are imaginative, they have an insight into different human conditions and can weave their brain activity into a story people will pay money to read. Though writers may have a natural ability in writing, it can take years of training before a writer creates something that people want to read, as it takes a swimmer gruelling training sessions to achieve their goals. And what do we need to achieve out goals?


Without it you can't finish the book, you can't pick yourself up following the disppointment of a publisher's rejection or have the strength to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!) after a soul crushing review.

To go along with your unyielding PERSEVERANCE you also require one more thing - BUM GLUE at term coined by the very wise and very successful Mr Larkin. This product is definitely a determining factor in achieving your writing goals.

'BUM GLUE?' You ask.

Yes, BUM GLUE. It's what keeps you stuck to your seat while you break through the wall blocking you from developing your story and/or characters. It's what keeps you riveted to your chair even when you know what you're writing is total shit because you know you will come back to it later, stuck to your chair because of BUM GLUE, editing the bejesus out of it!

(More bum glue please!)

Seriously, don't give up. Tidying your desk so it's spick and span before you write, insisting that you need to hear the roar of the waves crashing to shore for inspiration or finding the perfect nook at a cafe does not necessarily result in a best seller. My best ideas and lines come to me when I'm super mum, ferrying children between school, sport and home with a stop at the supermarket in between or listening to my favourite tracks in the car (I do spend a lot of time in the car!). Then it's good old fashioned hard work when I get home to write that shit down.

Despite the struggle, despite the fear, despite the dejection don't give up.

Despite the lack of time, despite fatigue, despite the lack of inspiration don't give up.


Because it is so worth it when your book is being read by people who connect with you and tell you how much they loved it.
Also, you can write Author alongside Your Occupation on forms!

So, get back to that book you're writing fellow writers, and apply plenty of glue!

See you next time!


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