Friday, March 29, 2013


 I've suffered from what I call bloggers block this week and just couldn't get my blog on!  That was until this morning when sipping my coffee I thought about kissing. Don't ask me why. Perhaps it's because I read and write romance and erotica...who knows? So here's the blog topic for this week. KISS. I love a long, hard, wet kiss that leaves me aching for more. But through research I discovered a little more about the humble kiss.  I have also included an excerpt from SEEKING EDEN. You got it, Sean and Eden's first kiss!

 Did you know kissing transferred hormones like testosterone from a man to a woman increasing her arousal.

The first kiss can make or break a relationship determining whether a couple are compatible or not.

Yes, a passionate kiss can burn up to 5 calories! More chocolate, more cake I hear you say!

Gives your facial muscles a work out. Known to prevent sagging, crinkling and wrinkling! Yay!

Woman are more likely to initiate kissing after sex, men before.

Kissing for immunity. Huh? Apparently kissing is a good way to pass on bugs to help boost our immunity systems. Ewww!

The average person spends approximately 20,160 minutes kissing in a lifetime.

Kissing produces endorphins, increases dopamine oxytocin levels leading to happy feelings.

So lock onto someones mouth and start swapping some spit. It's good for you!


First contact was barely there, a finger under her chin tilting her head up so their eyes could meet. She fell into those deep blues, and sank. His breath covered her face ... her lips, ... and then flowed into her mouth. A forgotten warmth branched out into every part of her body, desire sprouting. Her lips parted, enticing him deeper.

His tongue sunk into her mouth. There must have been a short circuit in her brain as coherent thought was obliterated. Her tongue moved to welcome his and slowly they began to entangle. Lost in the beauty of his divine mouth, she kissed him as if making up for the ten years she had missed. His hands cupped her face, holding her in place as he slanted his head and plunged further into her. She took him in, revelling in the long, slow strokes of his tongue against hers. Then the kiss changed. He eased out of it gradually, leaving her lips bereft but sill tingling from his touch.