Friday, August 16, 2013

Happy Birthday

It's hubbies birthday today. I bought him this card displayed to the left. Funny, I know. But I love to tease him. Presents are a little more difficult to chose though.

Many years ago when we were young guns, I bought him a puffy, pirate shirt in electric blue (okay, I know, laugh. It was 1990) and he hated it. So, since then I've purchased very little for him that he doesn't give his stamp of approval.

He has everything he wants anyway and when he doesn't he'll research it on the internet then buy it either online or from the local hardware/computer store. Yes it's usually a power tool, or a computer hard drive (that has four back up systems on it, apparently to make it fool proof so I don't lose the romance manuscripts I slave over) or electronic cables. Don't ask because I don't know.

 But I was feeling a little guilty because he really is wonderful, so I ventured to the local shopping centre and bought him something.

Lingerie. Yep, you read it right.

For me ;)

Happy Birthday Mr A!

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