Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Romance : Doctors Beyond Borders

I think we are due a snippet, teaser whatever you want to call it from my contemporary romance  DOCTORS BEYOND BORDERS. What do you think?
Here we go:

“Take me home Ford. Make love to me.’
He kissed her hard until she went limp, and everything in and around her was drawn into that one point of contact. His lips disengaged from hers and he took her hand and led her to the bike.
She leaned her cheek between his shoulder blades as they rode back to the cottage in silence. It was their last night together. She dreaded the light of dawn. If she had the power to keep the sun from rising, she would use it.
Ascending the path, they kissed. He picked her up and carried her over the threshold and gently laid her out on the bed. Lifting the hem of her dress, his fingers crept up her thigh. His breath hitched and his eyes lit up as his fingers stroked her heat, all plump and creamy.
‘No panties.’ His eyes were a sharp, vivid green.
Ariadne snagged her lower lip, and let it roll out of her teeth slowly. ‘I didn’t want a panty line.’
He grinned and leaned closer to her. His lips brushed hers. ‘I’m so hot for you. You’re driving me crazy. I want to rip this dress off and take you.
Ariadne giggled. ‘You’re going to have to peel this dress off, it’s so damn tight. You mustn’t rip it, it’s too expensive.”

Hate those panty lines! Don't you? ;)

Hope you liked it. The links to my book on all the my site if you want to read more!!!


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