Thursday, July 3, 2014

And I thought writing the book was hardwork...

Like anything, the more you do it the easier it becomes. It's no different when it comes to writing a book. Now I'm not saying you can do it with your eyes closed after the first, but you learn things along the way from editors and other writers who read your work and pick up the mistakes in your style, form and sometimes content. Each subsequent book takes less time to write and though it may be riddled with editorial errors it's still a whole lot more polished than that very first manuscript you kissed  for luck before sending it off.

As a debut author with one itty bitty book out there in the Amazon jungle, trying to get exposure for it has been harder than writing it. At least when you're writing the story you have a plan, you know where it's going and though you may get stuck occasionally the plethora of ideas floating around your mind  helps you wriggle free. However, promoting it and getting exposure is a whole different ball game and I'm just learning how to play.

Since Doctors Beyond Borders was published and even before that epic day (for me!) it's been reviewed, spotlighted on blogs and bandied about social media. All of that has helped get it in front of readers. However, you have to be on the case to maintain the buzz. It's time consuming and sometimes I feel like it's all I'm talking about and that everyone's just bored with me! The more books you can publish the better it is for your brand but that's easier said than done. It is a very long process from beginning to end. At the moment, I have a book for sale, one being assessed by a publisher and another two in the pipeline. The sooner I get the next book out, Cuffs, the better, but I've chosen to wait and see if this publisher will take it up. I'm really hoping they will.

There is always the option to advertise, but I'm not sure if I want to go down that path just yet. To me books need to be spread to others by the people who love them, the people who read them. Besides, it's expensive and if I'm in the business of writing and selling books then I have to make a profit no matter how small. We'll see though, I may change my tune in time. You have to spend money to make money, right? Decisions, decisions. See what I mean? I just want to write. It's fun. It's sexy. It's what  I love to do. Promotion, on the other hand, can be a slog.

What do you think?

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