Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Writer's Ramblings - #GETCUFFED

I'll be honest. I'm not entirely sure how hashtags work. Shoot me if you must but I'm not of this generation!

Some people in my age group (I'm 46 years old) are IT legends. My husband is one of them. He tells me 'it's intuitive, Georgie". Yeah intuitive my arse! Anywho, I am getting the hang of things, it just takes me twice as long to do anything most of you would be able to do in a heartbeat!

If you are following me on Facebook, Twitter and blogs you may have realised I am promoting my latest release, Cuffs, (up for preorder if you're interested!!!) and trying to come up with innovative ideas to get exposure. My latest is idea is #getcuffed. I'm all over Twitter with it and have used it on FB. It costs me nothing, except maybe my IT dignity if I've got it all wrong!

What do you think of my hashtag? Would you use it?


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