Tuesday, November 20, 2012


At a recent writers bash, my first ever, I met a woman who must have been 70 in the shade (sans teeth and dentures!) who had self published a couple of books, was working on an epic historical novel and a frequent user of social media. It got me thinking about how times have changed (especially for her) and how wonderful it was that she had embraced technology so avidly.

'I have no excuse' I remember saying to my friend and author Caitlyn Nicholas. Up until recently I avoided social media like the plague, quite happy with my emailing and texting.  Now I'm twittering, facebooking and blogging, well trying to anyway. I must say, it's fun and addictive but also a tad overwhelming. The amount of words I read everyday, not taking into account texts for my uni course  my own stories and others, is huge with most coming from tweets, or peeps...(haven't quite got the lingo yet) and it's only going to grow as my followers and those I follow increase in number.

This is all part of being a writer/author these days. You're trying to connect with other authors, publishers and potential readers of your books that are very likely to get lost in the vast Amazon jungle if you don't keep plugging them through these lines of communication. Sometimes I feel like I need one of those pills that Bradley Coopers character pops in the movie Limitless to heighten my brain activity. Yesterday was one of those days. Today, I'm pretty relaxed taking it all in my stride, as I submitted an assignment, got a handle on the essay I will start writing tomorrow, have almost finished the second last edit (I hope) of Sudan Sand my next novel, facebooked, wrote a blog entry and had some fun on twitter with none other than Cait. Quite a productive day, I say.

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  1. From techno phobe to techno fan how cool is that. Your only as old as the technology you don't fear. Mr A.


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