Saturday, November 24, 2012

Spice up your sex life

Author Maggie Nash declares in her twitter profile that 'romance readers have better sex lives'. I couldn't agree more. I'll read anything from John Milton's Paradise Lost to Dawn French's A Tiny bit marvellous but mostly have my head in a good romance. They can range from sweet sensual to menage e trios (and the rest) erotica. I'm not fussed. You're probably wondering now 'well does it spice up your sex life?' I'm just going to say that my love and I  don't have a chandelier in our bedroom  but are pretty adventurous anyway. ; )

As a reader and now soon to be published author (I know I've mentioned that little point in every blog entry) I am thinking about relationships between characters, plots, subplots and inevitably sex when I'm not doing other things and sometimes when I am. When you think about sex as much as I do in a given day there are bound to be consequences, much to the salacious delight of Mr A! I think it is pretty much the same if you're a reader of these wonderful works.

So girls, summers approaching (in my part of the world anyway) so stock up on your romances, lie back in the sun and let yourself go...

Recommended authors just to get you started:

Caitlyn Nicholas, Kylie Scott, Mackenzie Crowne, Rachel Johns and Maggie Nash.

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