Monday, February 11, 2013

A Dedication

My father wrote a book. It was in the 70's when typewriters, carbon sheets and a dictionary were a writer's aides. It was never published. He did try to get it on the shelves. I still have the five or so rejection letters from the then major publishing houses in London tucked away somewhere. After that, he never revisited his manuscript. The dream had died. He had to work for a living, and hard since we had recently emigrated to Australia.

Maybe the desire to write and create a story is in the genes. However, unlike my dad, I have had so many more privileges. A wonderful support network, computers providing a wealth of information at one's fingertips and more time than he did. Let me begin with the support network throughout this epic journey. Mr A has been an unyielding wall of support and encouragement, his enthusiasm infectious. My children, who I have already mentioned in a blog, I'm in awe of, who are proud of what I'm doing. My family and friends who give me nothing but encouragement, by mentoring me, reading the various versions of my manuscript SEEKING EDEN and just showing an interest in what I'm doing anticipating the books release. The overwhelming feeling I get from this is confidence. Confidence is what emboldened me to keep writing my story after showing a freelance editor the 15000 or so words I had written which she didn't flush down the toilet! She said I had potential. That's all I needed to forge ahead and finish the story. I wish someone had said that to my dad. He did have potential, I've read his manuscript. I have it. In a way, I feel that 'we' have made it now that this is 'our' dream coming true.

The 10th of February marked sixteen years since he passed. I wish he were here to share this with me. I wished he could  have met my children. At least he knew Mr A and gave me away at my wedding. Despite what I wish for, I know that this part of him resides in me and for that I am truly thankful.

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