Saturday, March 2, 2013

Smelly Books

The next time someone says to me 'But I just love the smell of a book' I think I might scream! I understand the attraction to paperbacks and hard covered books, I grew up with them, own several and up until very, very recently only read stories that came bound. However, I certainly don't read a book because I like how it smells.  Most of my oldies smell musty and dusty and the newer ones, well, I rarely if ever have picked up a book and given it a good old sniff before starting to read it like I would my favourite perfume! If I was ever reluctant to get an e reader it was because I've only ever read books, owned books and am used to holding  and flicking through them.

Trust me when I tell you I'm no computer buff nor am I savvy with technology, however, I think e readers, whether iPads, Kindles or any other I don't know about (because I don't!) are awesome for so many reasons. Books are cheaper, storage problems solved, easy to carry around and know one knows what you're reading especially if you enjoy reading mummy porn while your kids are at swim squad training! Who doesn't love their computer or iPad? I don't hear people say I much rather have a typewriter because I love the smell of the ink! Let's face it, the new technology is awesome. My Kindle is light to carry and hold, I can adjust the lighting and font size and for a fraction of the cost of paperbacks I can read more than ever before, not to mention I'm saving some trees.

I'm not dictating here, but all I'm saying is that if you like to read paper books it's probably because you are still getting your head around the digital options, or you don't like the idea of the corner bookstore closing down or you are a collector of books. But the smell...I'm just not buying it.

Feel free to let me know what you think and what you prefer to read and why.

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