Saturday, March 9, 2013

Publishing Promotion and Parties

Just wanted to start off and say a big hi to all my new subscribers and followers (and the ones who have been there from the get-go). Thanks for reading my ramblings.

Thought I would share my week with you all. Nothing dazzling or exciting going on like...get this, one of my lovely FB friends got to go to the Oval Office and met the President! I'm not American, but I thought that was pretty cool. Does that mean that since I know her on FB and she met the President through her husband there are three degrees of separation between Barack and me? Just a thought! Anyhoo, back to my life. Finished my final edits for my second book, SUDAN SAND which I submitted (fingers and toes crossed for me guys!) and am waiting for edits from my lovely editor on SEEKING EDEN(release date April, 2013. The blurb is posted on the blog if you want to take a look). I also started on something new, the first chapter of CUFFS. I'm not saying anymore!

Promotion and getting SEEKING EDEN out there into 'reader land' has been at the forefront of my mind too this past week. As a writer, when you submit a manuscript to a publisher you wait nervously for that golden reply. When you get the contract you're feeling pretty pleased with yourself then self doubt creeps in and spoils it  posing those pesky, irritating questions like 'Who's gonna buy your book?', Why would they?' and 'What if they hate it?'.  Then there's the reviews to think about...Look, I might sound neurotic and self deprecating. I'm not. Well, not most of the time. So, all of that nonsense was short lived and I snapped out of the doldrums and started thinking happy thoughts and launch party! Who doesn't love a party? I am very lucky to have some great friends and community that have offered to host and help organise it. Now I'm thinking business cards, flyers, food, champagne, prizes it's making me dizzy. So, come what may, I'm there now and the book will be published and it will be read, reviewed, loved, hated and something in between. It's the journey that's important  and so far it's been awesome!

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