Sunday, May 12, 2013


Hi there folks!

I've been absent for a while and missed ya. You know how it is, life and stuff get in the way sometimes and there's just not enough hours in the day to fit in a blog worthy of my viewers.

Anywho, it's Mothers Day today and I thought this was share worthy. But first...

Happy Mama's Day to you if you've squeezed out a kid or two!

My brood ( I have three)  bought me some lovely mummy stuff like body lotion, blue glitter nail polish (love it!) and a smelly thing for the house you know the ones where the reeds absorb the perfume. I also received this from my 12 year old who had to write a letter in class for Mother's Day.

When I cry my heart beat pounds in sadness. When I get hurt it stings but it does go away because of the kiss of love from my mum. My mum kisses me and I feel like I've got the strength to do anything. I will never forget the things she's done for me until I die, so don't just think this letter is just because it's Mother's Day. It's because you are the best person that has ever existed in my life. 

Thank you my beautiful boy. 

God I love these kids and feel so LOVED I want to shout it from the rooftop but I'm afraid of heights hence the blog!

Thanks for popping by. I'd love for you to share any special moments you have here by posting a comment below.

Bye for now!