Saturday, April 20, 2013


Nicola, our housewife knows who she is and what she wants. Passionate, sexy and always the centre of attention, she exudes confidence and grace mixed with a penchant for the outrageous!  This housewife is truly unforgettable.

What are you reading?

Georgie, Georgie, Georgie, you know full well that I'm a slave to the printed word. So strong is my addiction that one moment merges into the next. Often I've got two books on the go at once, one never knows when the desire will strike, so one always has to be prepared! Lately my addiction has included a lot of Sebastian Faulks. An interesting writer, he delves into the world of the individual and urges conclusions on the nature of humanity- very powerful and moving stuff! His latest, A Possible Life, has quite an experimental structure, but beautifully melds the experiences of disparate individuals into a genuine, recognisable whole. Very passionate stuff!

 What's your favourite genre? Now be honest!

Favourite genre- ugh! Who wants to be limited. How dull to be defined by one source. Life is a maelstrom of relationships and experience. No one genre can possibly hope to communicate all. I love that in one moment I can, albeit remotely,  be involved in a passionate affair on the wind swept English Moors, while the next, contemplating the desperation of the human condition. So please, it's " The Agony and the Ecstasy " for me.

No Shades of Grey for you Nicola!

Please share an inspiring, smutty or funny sentence from a book you've read. Or all three if you so choose!

Oh, there are so many- but recently I came across a wonderfully egotistical quote by Mark Twain:

" I have been complimented many times but always feel embarrassed. I always feel they haven't said enough!"

Let's face it, Mark Twain's got it all sorted. High self-esteem will get you everywhere!


Aside from the four C's (cooking, cleaning, children, chauffeur) what else do you manage to squeeze into your day?

Being a woman of curves I love getting hot and sweaty with my Personal Trainer. I love the calorie to pain ratio- makes the post burn latte all the more desirable! As for the rest, what can I say? ... May be I should write a blog!

Ditto! You're welcome here anytime honey!

How do you prefer to shop (online or other) and where?

There is no bad place to shop. Online or off, the thrill of a purchase is always there. As far as I'm concerned shopping  is one stop away from hunting and gathering- the survival of the tribe is always dependent on my retail vigilance.  My husband has learnt that if he wants to get all Neanderthal on me, he has to be grateful for the hours I dedicate to this meaningful pursuit.

We all love a holiday. Where's your favourite place to kick back and unwind?

I live for holidays! As far as I'm concerned it doesn't matter where, as long as it involves desirable company,  a sumptuous bed, fluffy slippers, a luxuriant gown, a marble bathroom and no alarm clock. Yes, beach resorts and cocktails are lovely, but so are roaring fires and marshmallows! A holiday just has to indulge the senses and rejuvenate the soul. 

 Heels or flat?

Please, is this really a question? Every woman's inner vamp screams heels. It is the Trixie in all of us that begs us to shell out hundreds of dollars for the perfect pair of sex in a box, unfortunately though, Trixie's boring sister Beatrix always seems to quell the fun - that's why my wardrobe also has its fair share on what my grandmother called, sensible shoes.

What do you consider to be your best and worst feature?

Mmm, this seems like the perfect opportunity to re quote my old friend Mr Twain, but I'm thinking Mae West's got it in a nut shell:

" When I'm good, I'm very good. But when I'm bad, I'm better."

Say no more!

An embarrassing moment...

I suppose if I was to be completely honest I'd have to say that my most embarrassing moment involved copious amounts of alcohol, an obsession with Robert Palmer's, Addicted to Love and a karaoke machine in a very crowded club. Let's just say that on this particular occasion I created a great dinner party story that continues to be rolled out. Ha, ha, ha!

As a parting gift to all our readers please share one of your favourite recipes.

There are many wonderful recipes that delight, but in the end:

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better..."

Ralph Waldo  Emerson 

Thank you Nicola you are sensational!