Thursday, April 18, 2013


I get my share. I have friends who like to post pictures of buff, semi naked guys in an assortment of poses on Facebook. Aren't  I lucky? I think I am. It feeds a romance/erotica writer's imagination as most of our  heroes are packing a six pack rather than a keg! Let me tell you, there is abs-olutely nothing wrong with that! But is that all our heroes are about? Of course not. They aren't superficial and shallow, but passionate, flawed and sincere.

According to a recent study using one hundred or so Australian women, even the tallest, broadest shouldered and best endowed fall short of perfection. Women are looking for so much more in a man. In the animal world the female species is pickier than the male. There are evolutionary reasons for this which have to do with breeding. The strongest, best looking males are most likely to get the female. Though human females have an instinctual drive to mate with the peacock with the prettiest plume, sometimes the bulge in a man's back pocket is more appealing or the famous 'sense of humour' that is so often at the top of a woman's list in surveys wins out. However, the late Bill Hicks, comedian extraordinaire, makes the point in one of his skits that his sense of humour was not getting him laid meanwhile, serial killer Ted Bundy was receiving marriage proposals whilst on death row! Go figure.

For me, and I think I speak for most women, we want a man that treats us with respect, makes us feel special and loves us warts, stretch marks an' all. What do you think? What do you look for in a man?

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