Monday, June 17, 2013

The Real Housewives of Sydney

 I have the gorgeous Susan on the blog today. A true housewife fan not only of this blog but those other housewives in the US. I think she may have even rubbed shoulders with a couple of them!
Forget Imelda Marcos. She's been bumped off her podium by this lovely lady. If you're too young to know who I'm talking about, she was a chick with way too many shoes. Now, Susan may not have acquired as many as her, but I guarantee ol' Imelda couldn't walk in a pair of these (please look at the picture on your left). Susan can. You put her anywhere and she'll strut her stuff like she's wearing a pair of fluffy slippers. Legend!!

What are you reading at the moment?

The Vogue Factor by Kirstie Clements and really enjoying it, all those fashion memories (ok, a few mistakes) from the 80s, love it!

What is your favourite genre? Now be honest!

 Is "Trashy" a genre....Well you said be honest AND I have to read Law Reports and Legislation in my day job so forgive me.

It sure is Susan! I love it too. But I'm easy...when it comes to genres, that is!

Please share an inspiring, smutty or funny sentence from a book you've read. Or all three if you so choose!

 From Kate Moss, 'nothing tastes as good as skinny feels'. Love that line (after a successful week of weight loss). Sorry that's not from a book.Don't think she knows how to write. From the Vogue Factor I think this line says it all, 'if the shoe isn't right, then nothing is right'. 

How true.

Aside from the 4 (or maybe 5 C's - read the previous housewife blog if you don't know what I'm talking about, ahem, cooking, cleaning, children and chauffeur) what else do you manage to fit into your day?

  Work, work and more work but thank god for chocolate, music and wine! 

How do you prefer to shop (on or offline) and where?

 No online shopping for me, I would otherwise live at Australia Post to return all the things that don't fit! I like the real thing and usually only have time to shop when on holidays.

What do you consider to be your best and worst feature?

 Mmmm, Georgie love you but  hate these types of questions....Best feature, thick hair (just ignore the grey roots).Worst feature-far too many to list.

Your hair is your crowning glory I agree, but what about that cleavage, ha? I still have the photos from my 'Pimps and Ho's' birthday party.

We all love a holiday. WHere's your favourite place to kick back and unwind?

 It was Noosa for so long and I almost feel guilty to say it no longer is, after too many years of wet summer holidays. In recent years its the USA. Palm Springs, Hawaii, Beverly Hills- I can kick back and unwind and daydream in all those destinations. Actually, I can add Las Vegas to the list. Yes, true story, in the right resort, with the most decadent day spa, fabulous pool area and great cocktail, Viva Las Vegas. 

Heels or flats?

 Georgie honestly what a question. HEELS, all day, everyday, if only I could sleep in them. They will be poking out of the coffin girls, with a matching handbag of course. Penny, darling friend, can you ensure that happens if you're kicking on xx

An embarrassing moment...
When I confidently called the very handsome German teacher at parent/teacher interview 'Mr Herr Winstanley'! Well- I'm not German and I studied Italian in high school. I thought Herr was his christian name.

As a gift to all our readers, please share one of your favourite recipes.

 Buy the best quality pork and fennel sausages your butcher can provide, (8 sausages), remove the meat from the casing, chop, and pan fry in olive oil with a large chopped onion until cooked. Boil 350 grams of good pasta, toss the pasta in lashings of olive oil and mix through the sausage, serve with a rocket and parmesan salad. Serves 4. Great weeknight meal. Buon Appetito. (Disclaimer- this is a cutty corners Jamie Oliver recipe) Sorry, you didnt ask for a suitable wine but i must share with a few fellow wino's who read your blogs, try the Brancott Estate Sauv Blanc 'Flight'. Not bad for a low alcohol vino.....

Thanks Susan. Hope you had fun!