Monday, June 24, 2013

When Harry ran off with Larry...

A couple of nights ago Mr A was telling me about someone he knows who was recently divorced leaving his wife to be with his long term male lover. Cool banana's, whatever, don't know the people. But when I casually piped up and told him I'd probably wouldn't mind him leaving me for another man as much as another woman, well,  I could have knocked him on his arse with a feather!

'Please explain.  How could that be possible?' He asked.

The image of Mr A running off into the sunset with another woman would leave me feeling like I wasn't enough of a woman for him, that though I have all the same bits, he likes hers better than mine. I want him to like my bits the best! Whereas, I feel I can't compete with a man cos I don't have a dick!

He, on the other hand, would be utterly devastated either way of course because I am the love of his life (*wink*) but, apparently it would really sink him if I left him for another woman. The George Constanza 'not enough of a man' syndrome!

During our discussion he made a good point. That is, it's because we have a healthy sex life I feel the way I do. If we rarely shagged would that change things?

I don't know? Hard to say. Maybe?

So, let me ask you, if your partner was to leave you because they were in love with someone else would you prefer it to be for someone of the same sex as you or the opposite? Maybe, it wouldn't matter because their arse was grass either way. Just curious.

Would love to hear from you...


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