Monday, September 30, 2013

A Threat To Our Forever by Em Epe


A Threat To Our Forever is a short, gripping read. The first pages totally capture the agony of parents, Lilly and Sam dealing with a child on the brink of death. Their relationship is strained and this turn of events only helps to deepen the chasm that already exists between them.
The story flows well as Lilly and Sam try to find the culprit(s) that shot their daughter while holding on to what is left of their crumbling relationship. Is their deep love, nurtured by familiarity, sensuality and selflessness enough for them to hold on to their forever? Sometimes the pain is too much and forgiveness is impossible.

I thoroughly enjoyed this read. It's a perfect length if you want a couple of hours of time out curling up in front of a fire, catching some rays or just enjoying a cup of tea between children's activities.

Check out the blurb:

Finding the unknown threat…
Lilly and Sam Kendells’ marriage is strained to the point of breaking when their daughter becomes a victim of a brutal attack for unknown reasons. Angry and feeling betrayed, Lilly doesn't understand why Sam won't use his skill as a hired militia to exact revenge for the atrocity committed against them. Sam focuses on facts and protecting Lilly from holding the wrong culprits responsible. Will their marriage survive as they search for the unknown assailant and try to stop the threat to their forever?

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Author Bio:
I’m a writer of all genres of romance and a review editor for a review site. Living in the northwest, I enjoy small town life, my wonderful three children, and the simple pleasures of being busy and active. A perfect day starts with working on a manuscript, heading out for an afternoon of bike riding with my children, and then closing the night with a book.
Falling in love is the very best feeling, that's why I enjoy romance. I love the craft of the written word. I’m a huge fan of eBooks and the options that continue to grow with them. My favorite color is red, I love seashells, and I think rules are meant to be bent!

Visit me or drop me your thoughts and let’s get to know each other!

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