Friday, November 1, 2013

Beauty Under the Knife

For a change,  I thought I' comment on these photos I came across. Feel free to do the same.

Let me make this crystal clear. These are not the same women. I swear. I know you're finding it hard to believe, but I it's true.

In Korea, they refer to it as the 'plastic face'. These women look unnervingly the same or related. Their faces also look Western, Eurasian. It's a pity really. It's almost not a beauty pageant anymore as they look so similar. I don't know what you could call this.
Any competitions should be won on merit. We see too often how sports competitions are plagued by drug usage to enhance performance and scowl at the sportsmen and women who dabble in elicit substances to cheat their way to the top. This is no different. And don't think this is limited to Korea. No wonder women and teenage girls are fraught with insecurities about they way they look if they don't fit the bill of societal expectations.

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