Sunday, December 8, 2013


Sharing a Sunday snippet with y'all:

“He watched her as she made her way to the stove. Since their return from the field she had been cooped up in the hospital office completing reports and taking care of all administrative duties for MSF and the hospital, translating to late nights after strenuous days caring for patients. It was pretty obvious what she was doing and why. It didn’t make it any easier for him though. Frustrated and torn, he didn’t know what to do. Half of him applauded her, because it meant she wasn’t in his face, charging his body and making his cock twitch. The other half would have had him fall to his knees before her and beg for a touch of her pinky toe.
He watched as she lifted the lid, closed her eyes and inhaled the sweet scent of Mariam’s delicious stew laced with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon that he had supped on earlier in the evening.
She scooped a heap of food onto a plate, grabbed some bread and hungrily tucked into it at the table. The juices slurped over her mouth, only to be lapped up by her rolling tongue. He groaned as his dick jerked in his pants as he tried to rein in his raging libido.
Someone up there must have felt sorry for him. Drops of rain began to fall, cooling his skin. He slicked his hair back and stared at the ten-foot high wall surrounding the house that protected them from the outside world. No one had warned him. The danger wasn’t out there. Yakubu wasn’t the problem. His enemy lived, worked and breathed the same air as him. She was beautiful, smart, funny and fucking Australian. Why? Why does she have to live in Australia? That was her big problem with them getting together. The reason it couldn’t work was because they lived at polar ends of the earth to each other. God, he’d never wanted a woman this much in his life.”

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  1. Great snippet and sexual tension! Good luck on release day!


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