Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Awesome Reviews

This week I was fortuante to receive two shit hot reviews for Doctors Beyond Borders. I'm not a bragger but I'm going to go against my nature. If you got 'em, flaunt 'em!  Right? LOL

So, if you've got an e-reader or know friends who have one please recommend my book because according to the reviewers you're all missing out!!!! But seriously, I'm not doing the hard sell. Really I'm not. I am just so freakin' happy and proud.

First up is Bex who is from Bex 'n' Books. She reviews tons of book. Here's her 4 star review.

Reviewer: Bex
Disclosure: This ebook was provided by the author in exchange for an HONEST and not necessarily positive review. 

Ariadne and Ford make for a fabulous couple to follow as they navigate their way through the heartbreak and danger in Sudan. Both characters are well developed with human flaws that make them believable and highly readable characters to follow.

I enjoyed the plot development and the interesting setting of Doctor's Beyond Borders. The author, Georgie Tyler, has crafted an intriguing read with a love mixture of romance, suspense and drama.

Next up is the lovely Helen. Here's what she has to say. Another 4 star review.

Doctors Beyond Borders by Georgie Tyler is the story of Ariadne Tate, a doctor who becomes involved with Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF). Ariadne is on a quest for fulfillment as she travels from Sydney, Australia to Abyei, Sudan to work in a hospital, providing assistance to the Sudanese people ravaged by war, famine, and disease. She leaves behind a concerned father and a recent betrayal. Her father says she’s running from the hurt of her ex-boyfriend’s infidelity. She believes she is creating a new beginning. With her new beginning comes her new pledge to never again get involved with someone she works with.

Ariadne sponsors Sudanese kids through a charity. Her first is a boy named Ablaye; she has lost contact with him. Her latest is a boy named Luol; contact with him has been recently severed. Ariadne is in pursuit of leads as to Luol’s whereabouts. Will she find him?

Ariadne stays in a MSF residence with five others. Hamish is a surgeon from Scotland. Tammy is a nurse from Kansas. Graciella is a midwife from Argentina. Luis is an anesthesiologists from parts unknown. Ford is a surgeon from Virginia.

After a disastrous relationship back in Virginia, Ford Gosden vows to never again ‘shit where he eats’. No good can come of it. That doesn’t stop Graciella from throwing herself at him at every turn. Ford rebuffs Graciella and avoids the women he works with, until he meets Ariadne.
Ford (against his own mantra: "Don’t get involved") begins a pursuit of Ariadne. His attraction is immediate, as is hers. But it will take a bigger temptation than attraction to get Ariadne to abandon her pledge.

After a trip in the mobile medical unit to the Sudanese outback, Ariadne and Ford return to the MSF residence with a new bond. But, after one steamy nighttime kiss and another soul-stirring one in the rain, is it lust or love? Before they can discover which, Ariadne learns that Ford will be going home, soon. To shield herself from hurt, Ariadne takes a vacation that will keep her away until Ford’s departure. So, Ford follows Ariadne to Mykonos, before going home. Does he get the girl?

While Ariadne awaits Ford’s return to the Sudan, she plans another mobile medical unit excursion with only a driver, a satellite phone, a rifle, and supplies. Ariadne is kidnapped by a Sudanese rebel leader called Yakubu. Ford rushes back to the Sudan and mounts a rescue attempt when he feels the authorities are not acting quickly enough. Will he get there in time to save her?

Doctors Beyond Borders is a contemporary romance. I don’t usually read romance; a lot of it is one-dimensional and cliché. This novella is neither. It has romance and sex, lust and love. It is well-paced. It has distinct, international settings, and is populated with attractive, exciting characters.

I highly recommend Doctors Beyond Borders to anyone who wants to read a great romantic novella which incorporates action and suspense as well.

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